Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Hoop Skirt

A Whoop About Hoops

For when a smitten wretch has seen
Among the lost in crinoline,
The one his heart holds dearer,
Oh! what a chill to ardent passion,
To feel that through this hollow fashion
He never can be nearer!

That instead of timidity drawing near,
And pouring into her thrilling ear
The flood of his soul's devotion,
He must stand and bellow in thunder tones,
Across half an acre of skirts and bones,
As if hailing a ship on the ocean.

This poem is from an 1857 issue of Harper's Weekly.It's from a book called The Wonderful World of Ladies Fashion(1850-1920) Edited by Joseph Schroeder,Jr that I took out of the library.Not everyone liked the hoop skirt as there were many cartoons and poems deriding it that appeared at the time.This poem is quite representative of the critics.