Friday, August 29, 2008


While reading this blog I found this link to an article on Self-Serving Chivalry.There is a related one at The Rebelution here called Counterfeit Chivalry.

They discuss how woman can be suspicious of chivalrious actions as many men use them as a way to flirt or only with pretty females.For real chivalry we males must remember to do them because it's the right thing to do-not to just impress someone.And we need to do them for everyone-whether they are young or old,popular or not.

We can follow the examples of Mr Knightley from Emma "Who is the last man in the world who would intentionally give any woman the idea of his feeling more for her than he really does." and Mr Sydney from An Old-Fashioned Girl who was liked by Polly as he embodied her mothers view "That a real gentleman is as polite to a little girl as to a woman."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Faithfully by Eric and Leslie ludy

This is a song about true love and letting God write your love story.